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Label Love {Snoozebaby}

5 May


Snoozebaby Sweet Dreaming Baby Blanket with Tags Sensory Toy


The nice folks at Snoozebaby, a company based in the Netherlands that brought their products to the US market last fall, sent me some fun goodies for our baby girl, who is due in July. The Snoozebaby product line consists of four product categories: To Sleep, To Play, To Travel and To Nurse. New items are launched twice a year, all of which have unique sensory tags/labels that vary in size, color and material. While little ones are playing with the labels, their fine motor skills are also being stimulated. The Sweet Dreaming Comfort Blanket which is made of velours and a 100% cotton jersey, has 12 labels and is super soft. Not only will BG be able to cuddle with it, if she’s anything like her big brother was when he was a newbie, she’ll be fascinated by the variety of shapes and fabrics of the labels. The Easy Changing Pad can hold four diapers along with wipes and like the Sweet Dreaming, is incredibly soft. The two snaps enable you to fold the pad into a small package making it even easier to fit into your diaper bag and the 12 labels will surely serve as a welcome distraction when trying to change my squirming babe’s diaper. I tried this out with my son and even though he’s 2+, he was still taken with the labels…though only about half of his body actually fit on the pad. One thing I’m wondering though, is considering the nice fabric and the not-so-nice dirty diapers I’ll be frequently changing, will I constantly be washing the pad? We shall see! The Trendy Wrapping Wrap Blanket is really cool. It features a foot bag, hood, press buttons and handy gaps, making it easily adaptable to a stroller or car seat. Definitely looking forward to trying this one out. I can already picture BG in this blanket, snug as a bug! Once our little girl arrives, I’ll be able to give these lovely Snoozebaby products more of a hands-on test and I’ll definitely report back.


Boppy Designer Challenge {Contest}

14 Nov

Our friends over at Boppy just let us know about an awesome contest they have going on, November 11th-20thThe Boppy Designer Challenge.

Boppy is asking moms (and dads too!) to help them design the next Boppy Slipcover via their Facebook page. The ideas will then be voted on by the Facebook community and the top 2 will become Boppy Designers! They will receive $1000 ($500 cash and a $500 Target Gift Card) and will get to work with Boppy’s in-house Creative Department to design the next patterned Boppy Slipcover. Their names and images will be on the packaging and the slipcovers will be sold online and in Target stores nationwide!

The best part is that no design experience is necessary!

Voting will last until November 27th so get to designing and good luck!

boppy design challenge target contest

Favorite Things: Crayola My First Washable Crayons

13 Sep

My little one is now 18-months so he’s beginning to show more interest in coloring and drawing. Hopefully he’ll fare better as an artist than his parents!

We got a lovely care package in the mail from Charlie’s Grandma (a.k.a. GMoo) that included a package of Crayola My First Washable Crayons.  He was obsessed with them immediately…though he did mistake them for bubbles at first.

The crayons are the perfect size for his little hands and easy to grip. They’re also great to just toss in the diaper bag so we can take them with us when we travel.

Charlie (with a little help from our nanny) drew me this sweet picture today. Fridge art for sure.

Crayola Washable Crayons

Favorite Things: iPlay Summer Water Sneakers

15 Jul

We recently moved from San Francisco to New York and wow, is it H-O-T. My little one overheats very easily (thanks to his daddy) so we’ve spent a lot of time searching for parks with sprinklers. Thankfully, there are quite a few. Seeing as how the summer in SF is usually chilly and foggy, we didn’t have the proper summertime-in-the-city attire, especially shoes. I found these iPlay Summer Water Sneakers and they are fantastic. It took a little while for Charlie to get used to walking in them and the first time, he actually slipped a little. But since then, it’s been smooth sailing. And for $14, they can’t be beat. I also found them in a color to match his Hanna Anderson swimsuit! One point for mama.

waterproof kids shoes summer must haves mommy favorite things

Charlie in his new kicks

Favorite Things: Green Toys Chef Set

11 May

Green Toys Chef Set

Green Toys Chef Set

It was pretty chilly in SF the other day so we headed to our favorite kiddo store down the street, Sprout, which has an awesome playroom in the back. My little one was obsessed with the Chef Set by Green Toys. It’s made from 100% recycled milk containers and is dishwasher safe (yay!). The set meets FDA food contact standards and is also BPA-free. Of course I bought the little guy his own Chef Set before we left and he hasn’t stopped playing with it since. Fourteen months isn’t too young to get started in the kitchen, right?

Yelp…It Does a Mama Good

5 Mar

I just have to share a fantastic experience I had the other day and spread the Yelp love. I’m not a big Yelp’er by any means. I think I may have posted about a restaurant once (maybe), but after a better-than-expected service call from an appliance repairman, I felt the need to Yelp about it. This lovely man, Leon, was beyond nice. He unfortunately didn’t find a problem with our washing machine (long story for another post) but took his time eliminating potential issues. After he left, he realized he had over-charged me so he drove to our house the next day to give me the extra money. So honest, right? Needless to say, I was very impressed immediately posted about it on Yelp.

Since Leon’s first visit, I have called him twice to come over and look at our washer and he refused to charge me either time. He said he got a ‘bonus’ from his boss who was very appreciative of my Yelp review and that three people calling about appliance repair had asked for him specifically after reading my review. I now have Leon on speed dial…and an extra $150 in my wallet thanks to the power of Yelp.


Favorite Things: Columbia Sportswear Youth Pigtail Hat

4 Feb

Hats usually last on my little one for all of seven seconds before he rips it off and tosses it out of his stroller. That was until we received the super cute Columbia Sportswear Youth Pigtail Hat from a friend for Christmas. It fits snugly and has velcro on the “pigtails” so it stays put. I have a feeling he will outgrow it pretty soon so it usually makes an appearance in his wardrobe at least once a day.

Charlie's fave hat columbia toddler baby winter hat that stays on

Charlie’s fave hat