Favorite Things: Djeco Doggie Pull-Toy

25 Jun

best toddler gifts

We don’t have an actual dog, but this doggie pull-toy by Djeco – a gift from a friend – has become our household pet and one of my toddler’s very favorite toys.  He was quickly named “Doggie Chia” (we had chia seeds that day in our oatmeal), and he and the little miss became fast friends.  Doggie Chia has cute little wheels as legs, a springy head and tail and a red string that allows the little lady to walk him around town.  Doggie Chia has accompanied us on hundred of walks to the park, twirls around the apartment, and even on road trips.  Other children at the park flock to Doggie Chia and ask for a turn to walk him around the playground (or at least their parents do).  He is light, easy to pull and there is no mess to clean up on walks (phew!).  Doggie Chia and the rest of his family are designed in France and made of solid wood with non-toxic paint.  If you are looking for a family pet, this little guy will be a welcome addition.

Favorite Toddler Toys Pull Toy Dog from Djeco


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