Potty Training Sticker Chart {free printable}

20 May

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We’ve been teetering into the world of potty training for a while, but I am hoping to make the full on leap.  The little miss loves stickers so I have been looking for a potty training sticker chart.  I found some super cute printables on Pinterest and read a few posts on ways to use a sticker chart.  For us, there is already a lot of potty time so no stickers will be given for just sitting.  But if you have a hard time getting your kid to the loo you may want to give 1 sticker for sitting on the potty.  Here’s how I plan to use the chart:  1 sticker per box, pee pee on potty = 1 sticker, poop on potty = 2 stickers.  Once a row is filled, a small reward will be given (to be determined – likely a small toy).  Once the entire page is filled in a  larger reward will be given (again, TBS – likely a larger toy or a requested excursion/activity).  I’ll keep you posted on how this works out – hoping that the sticker chart is a big hit.

The templates for the free printable potty training sticker charts (boys and girls versions) are available here


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