Cupcake Decorating {cooking with kids}

17 May

cooking with kids ideas for baking

The little miss loves to stand on a stool in the kitchen next to me and “help” me cook.  At first this started as her snacking on whatever I was chopping on my cutting board.  Over the past several months she’s started to actually help me.  I’ve give her little jobs, like ripping kale off of the stalks.  On occasion, we bake a sweet treat for a special occasion (we’ve had several of them lately – no complaints here) and I let the little miss top a small batch of cupcakes with sprinkles.  I put the sprinkles in a cupcake liner on the counter and let her have creative license with the decorating.  She loves the job (what’s not to like?) and takes pride in telling people that she made the cupcakes.  I’m not going to lie – several sprinkles were consumed in the process – but I am usually able to get her to wait until she’s finished with the cupcake decorating to indulge in the remaining sprinkles.


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