Canvas Pictures {design}

8 Apr
printcopia photo canvas art
I love scattering pictures of my little one around the house, but at some point all the random pictures propped up, tucked into the sides of mirror frames and taped to the outside of other frames (don’t judge) reminds me more of a college dorm than a respectable adult pad.  When the nice people over at Printcopia offered to send me an 8×10 canvas picture gratis, I was happy to accet and excited to have a professional canvas to display.  The process for ordering from Printcopia was very simple.  I did need to flag a cropping concern for the designer (wanted to make sure the little miss’s mouth wasn’t going to be cut off since it was close to the edge) and there was no comment box during the design process, so I sent them an e-mail with the specifications.  A designer from Printcopia quickly replied and confirmed that her chin would have been cut off and easily moved the edge to accommodate her whole face.  I didn’t realize that when you print a picture on canvas it prints a few shades darker so the first picture I received was a little too dark – it was still cute but you almost couldn’t see the picture on the wall from far away.  I e-mailed Printcopia to tell them my concern and a desiger called me the next day to discuss whether we should use a different picture for the reprint or whether they should lighten it for me.  Ultimately we stuck with the same picture, and the second print came out beautifully.  Although it took a few tries to get it right, Printcopia had great customer service and a quick turnaround time.  The final canvas is bright and a lovely addition to my semi-respectable adult pad.
Special thanks to Printcopia for providing a sample 8×10 canvas for review.

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