Drop-In Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Tribeca {things to do}

7 Mar

How many times have you signed your little one up for a class at the start of a semester, only to realize that the time no longer coincides with his nap/lunch/sibling’s schedule? I was so excited to discover the newest addition to Flatiron – Swaddle Waddle. It’s a drop-in class so you can literally decide THAT day if you and your little one can make it happen…the teachers are so warm and engaging, and the classes are fun-filled with music, yoga, singing, etc. My 2 year old left smiling and chirping about Swaddle Waddle – and he is a tough critic.

My husband loved taking our 2 year old to their DAD-URDAY class – held the first Saturday of every month. When else do just the dads get to take the kids to class? Try it out – you will love!

tribeca nyc kids drop-in classes

My little guy and my husband are in the far right at “Dad-Urday!”


Every Monday & Friday (can also reserve your spot by signing up online; or just drop in.)
3:15-4:00 4-10 months

4:30-5:15 10-24 months
18 West 18th street, 5th floor (right next to Books of Wonder)
$28/single class
For more information and to sign up online do so at www.swaddlewaddle.com

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