Yelp…It Does a Mama Good

5 Mar

I just have to share a fantastic experience I had the other day and spread the Yelp love. I’m not a big Yelp’er by any means. I think I may have posted about a restaurant once (maybe), but after a better-than-expected service call from an appliance repairman, I felt the need to Yelp about it. This lovely man, Leon, was beyond nice. He unfortunately didn’t find a problem with our washing machine (long story for another post) but took his time eliminating potential issues. After he left, he realized he had over-charged me so he drove to our house the next day to give me the extra money. So honest, right? Needless to say, I was very impressed immediately posted about it on Yelp.

Since Leon’s first visit, I have called him twice to come over and look at our washer and he refused to charge me either time. He said he got a ‘bonus’ from his boss who was very appreciative of my Yelp review and that three people calling about appliance repair had asked for him specifically after reading my review. I now have Leon on speed dial…and an extra $150 in my wallet thanks to the power of Yelp.



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