Ugly Dresser Makeover {DIY Project}

13 Jan
nursery decorating DIY painted dresser changing table

World’s Ugliest Dresser – AFTER

When we started furnishing my daughter’s nursery we had a room full of stuff we had to clean out, including the world’s ugliest dresser.  We planned to toss it on the curb and buy a new dresser/changing table combo that matched the crib we ordered.  My husband, perhaps not wanting to move said ugly dresser to the curb, made a good point: it seems silly to buy a new dresser that was literally going to get pooped on when we had this one already in the room.  Now this dresser was hideous.  It really was and you’ll agree with me when you see the before picture below.  The dresser was the epitome of ugly 70s style.  The color of the wood was dated and didn’t match anything in the room, the ornate carvings on the bottom were anything but modern (the look we were going for in the room), and the drawer pulls were dated and falling off the dresser.  But, as my parents said when the told me to take it (no doubt because they wanted it out of their house – it was used to store sweaters in a large walk-in closet), it’s a sturdy piece of wooden furniture and “they don’t make them like this anymore.”  I can think of a lot of reasons why they don’t make them like this anymore.  But the drawers were well made and nicely lined with pink flowered drawer liners thanks to my parents so we decided to paint the dresser and see how it looked.  We ended up having to take the dresser outside to do the painting (so much for my husband’s desire to not move the dresser).  We wanted to give it a professional look and we didn’t have the energy to rent a paint sprayer from Home Depot for this one little project, so we bought spray paint and covered the dresser with several layers.  It gave the dresser a smooth look (no brush strokes in sight), but it did take about 3 coats to cover up the ugly honey wood color for good.  We bought new brushed nickel knobs and drawer pulls from Home Depot, which made a world of different in the look of the dresser.  After adding a changing pad and a diaper caddy to the top, we now have a changing station and spacious dresser for hundreds less than we would have spent on a new one.  Do you have an ugly dresser or piece of furniture?  Before you go out and buy a new one, see if painting it and adding new hardware will make it fit in to your decor.

painted dress for updated look nursery project

World’s Ugliest Dresser – BEFORE

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