Music: The Mix Tape Revisited {playlist for the year}

29 Dec
Best of 2012 Mix

Best of 2012 Mix

Remember mix tapes?  I was a mix tape fanatic, spending countless hours in my room perfecting my latest creation.  I also recall that before I was old enough to make my own mixes, my dad used to tape the radio for me.  I loved pop music, and I listened to those tapes for years.  My children have inherited my love of pop music.  So I thought we’d recreate the magic of the mix tape in today’s format.  As a Hanukkah present, we sought out the best songs of the year, purchased them on itunes, and made our “2012’s Best Songs” mix for our ipods.  There were heated debates over which artists to include, which artists to omit (some family members, who will remain nameless, do not like Maroon 5, Rihanna and Chris Brown), how many songs to include, and how many songs per artist (specifically, how many Justin Bieber songs is my daughter going to put on this thing!).  In the end, we picked 16 songs that everyone in our family seemed to think represented the best in pop music for 2012.  It was a really fun, collaborative process, and now we have our favorite tunes to listen to at home or in the car, and to share with others.  And only one Justin Bieber song made it!

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