An Old-Fashion Backyard Birthday Party {party planning}

14 Nov

My son’s birthday was last week.  We live in an area that was hit by the hurricane.  Luckily, we had no damage to our home, but we lost power from Monday to Friday.  His birthday was Saturday.  All week, all we talked about was getting the power back.  My kids learned words like “electricity” and “generator.”  As the birthday neared closer, we called the gym where his party was to be held, only to learn they too were powerless.  We debated rescheduling the party, but in this world of very busy people, we figured it would be months before the perfect party could happen.  My husband felt strongly that we do something to celebrate his special day, especially after the events of the week.  So, we had an old fashioned party at home.  Instead of a gym, it was in the yard.  The kids played sports, and ran relay races.  Some people could come.  Some people could not, because they had no power, they left town, or they didn’t want to use gas.  We understood.  We didn’t judge them.  And the people who came stayed for hours.  Our house became a charging station, with every available outlet taken.  People were so happy to be together.  The kids, so happy to see other kids after a week of displacement, got along amazingly.   And my son said it was the best birthday he ever had.

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