Hip Tips for Traveling with Toddlers {travel tips}

20 Sep
Since I’m still relatively new to traveling with little ones and since my little one is still, well, little, I polled a few friends who have toddlers to see if they could share any great tips/products for when they hit the road/sky with their toddlers. Some of them apply to traveling with infants too.
toddler and infant travel tips airplate car
Here are a few I wanted to pass along in no particular order…

– Unless you’re driving, order diapers, wipes, etc. from Diapers.com and have them sent to your destination in advance.

– When traveling to a different time zone, bring blackout shades so you can adjust your little one’s schedule. You can find Redi Shades on Amazon.com.

– Invest in the BabyBjorn (or something similar) Travel Crib. This way, your little one will always have one place where they sleep when traveling.  Not as much of an issue when babies are little, but as they start to become more aware of their surroundings, a foreign place/crib might seem scary.

– If you’re flying, bring goodies for your fellow passengers in case of a potential meltdown(s). Could be earplugs, candy, etc.

– If they’re old enough, apps on an iPad are great to keep kiddos entertained. Peekaboo Barn was a favorite of one of my friend’s son when he was about 9 – 15 mo. He still goes to that one occasionally, but has since moved on to The Monster at the End of the Book, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc.

– Call ahead to your hotel to request a quiet room with no adjoining room, not near an elevator or an ice machine, etc.


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