Keeping Kids Entertained: Apps for Pre-K Kids {media}

7 Sep

Plane, long car rides, and wait times are all made easier with a little “device time.”  Whether it’s a smartphone, ipod touch, ipad or some other tablet – there are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained and quiet.  While we tend to get the lite or free versions of most apps, we have been known to splurge and pay for an app or two.  Below is a list of our favorite apps for pre-k kids.  Some are educational, and some are purely for fun.  We have a mix of both.

Elmo Calls iphone app

















Paper Town Friends– $1.99.  This paper doll dress up game is adorable, with great graphics of animals boys and girls can enjoy dressing.

Monkey Pre School Lunchbox– $.99.  A huge hit in our house, this app has six different educational games including identifying shapes, matching, and counting, all while helping a super cute monkey pack his lunch.

Talking Tom– free.  Not just for pre-school kids, this app has spawned lots of spin offs, but the original is still entertaining in our house.  Pretty much all you do is talk to Tom, and he repeats back what you said in a funny voice.  Hilarity ensues.

Toca Boca– lite or pay versions.  Ok Toca Boca is an app maker, not an app.  The Toca Boca apps are a form of imagination play, and each one has a different theme.  Some popular ones in our house are kitchen, hair salon, and doctor.

Elmo Calls– $.99.  In this telephone app, the child “receives” calls from Elmo and can see him or her self talking.  Great for any kid pretending to talk on the phone like mommy or daddy.

Elmo Monster Maker– $3.99.  Very popular in our house, the premise here is to create different monsters and make them play and dance.  Endless combinations for monsters.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown-$3.99.  If your child loves Richard Scarry this app looks just like the books.  The child can play in Busytown and dress up the characters.

Toy Story 3 Memory Match– free.  A memory match game with Toy Story characters and different levels of play.

Some apps may not be compatible for all devices (we use Apple).

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