Work and Pump Advice {breast feeding info.}

29 Aug

 Pumping and Breastfeeding at Work schedule Tips and Resources

Heading back to work and planning to pump?  I made the transition last year but another hip mommy friend is heading back this week and I was reminded of the amazing resource that answered all my pump at work questions (recommended to me by a lactation consultant) – it’s a website aptly named Work and Pump.  The Work and Pump site has all the info you need for successfully pumping at work, including the basic schedule to follow, storage and sanitary info, a packing checklist, tips for boosting your milk supply and a message board for posting questions. Having all of the back-to-work pumping info easily summarized for me really eased some of my stress when I made the transition.  The sample pumping schedule was really helpful (including the tips for making your first week back easier), as were and the breast compression and massage techniques described on the site to help you get more milk from each pumping session.  Working and pumping is really challenging, but totally doable.  I hope this info eases your back to work stress a bit.  Mamas, you can do this!  And your babies will thank you (one day, hopefully).

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