First flight…check! {travel tips}

20 Jul
travel tips for flying with baby newborn

babycenter travel tips

Well, we made it. With some tips from babycenter for flying with an infant, our trip was turbulent-free.  Our little one was a champ on his first flight. We headed up to Portland (from San Francisco) to visit my family. It’s a fairly short flight (a little over an hour) so we thought it would be a good ‘test flight’ before our trip back east in a couple weeks. We actually managed to keep the ‘stuff’ to a minimum…and didn’t look like we were schlepping the contents of our entire apartment through the airport. Yay, us! The Snap N’ Go Stroller, which you can get on Amazon for around $60, was awesome. We borrowed one from our friends but will definitely be purchasing one of our own. Stay tuned for a list of my must-have infant travel items!

Overall, I found people in the airport and on our flights to be really nice and helpful…especially when I was traveling with the bambino solo on the way home, as the husband had to return early for work. I wish I had known about Nanny in the Clouds before our trip. Essentially, it’s a service that helps pair you with a babysitter/nanny on your flight. How cool is that?

Aside from the fact I somehow managed to misplace my driver’s license through the joy that is the security line, I would consider C-man’s first flight a success.

New York, here we come!


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