Pinch Bowls for Infant Feeding {favorite things}

13 Jul

infant feeding items

I love having multi-purpose kitchen items, and silicone pinch bowls are one of my favorite kid-friendly kitchen goods that’s useful even after baby outgrows them. Pinch bowls – tiny little bowls that usually measure 1/4 cup and are traditionally used for measuring small amounts of ingredients in recipes – are perfect for feeding little ones. These shatter-proof bowls are made of silicone so there’s no BPA or other harmful chemicals. They’re also great for feeding baby on the go, as they are light and take up very little room (they can be squished almost flat). They’re also super cute (but admittedly I am biased – I love little things). You can order them in a variety of colors, such as primary or pastel. Get a 4-pack variety or a single hue for about $8 at Amazon. They’re also a great distraction for busy babies who want something to play with while you’re trying to get some food into their mouths.


One Response to “Pinch Bowls for Infant Feeding {favorite things}”

  1. torylw August 24, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    Love these! We just started introducing our little one to solids, so I’m definitely going to check these out.

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