Some Lace in our Lives {favorite things}

12 May

Lace Bras for MomAs a small chested woman, bras were almost optional before pregnancy.  During pregnancy, my chest started to grow with my belly and I needed something stronger than a bandeau.  The problem was I didn’t know how much more I would grow:  It was possible I would finally get the womanly breasts my mom promised me when I was nine!  Unfortunately, whatever grew would also shrink, so my window for a C-cup would probably be pretty short-lived.  I needed some kind of support that would fluctuate as I did.  At the time, I was also panicked that becoming a mother meant trading leather for flannel, so style was crucial.

Low and behold Free People created the perfect solution, and they didn’t even mean to:  The Galloon Lace Halter Bra.  This lace halter bra comes in small, medium and large, in multiple colors ($38), and best of all it has a lot of stretch.  While it officially has nothing to do with pregnancy or nursing, because of its fabric and fit, it is comfortable during pregnancy and easily slides to the side for nursing.  It can even accommodate breast pads (though they do stick out the sides a little).  The lace straps show with most things I wear, which I love – it’s a lace accessory as well as a bra.  And who doesn’t want  some black lace in their lives?  While I do have many actual nursing bras, this is the one I wear when I want to remember to feel sexy.

As far as sizing: I have a medium, which as a pre-pregnancy 34A, fit me until the last month of pregnancy and worked until after the first two months of baby.  There is some serious stretch in there!

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