Eco-Friendly Disposable Bibs {favorite things}

1 May

Nature Babycare Disposable Eco Bibs

There are a few infant travel items that I never leave home without, and disposable bibs are one of my diaper bag staples. They’re perfect for on-the-go feeding.  No need to tote a dirty bib around with disposable bibs.  My favorite are the Eco disposable bibs by Nature Babycare.  Nature Babycare Disposable Bibs.  They have sticky tabs that make securing the bib a snap (meaning they’re adjustable), they are ultra-absorbent (never had a leak through with these), generously sized so they’ll keep a good portion of an outfit protected from food spills, and they have a nice little crumb catcher pocket at the bottom.  These bibs take up almost no space since they come folded flat.  The fact that they’re eco-friendly makes me feel a little better about using a disposable bib.  An overall great product to add to your diaper bag staples.

Nature babycare Eco-Disposable Bibs

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