Lanolin: Medela vs. Lansinoh {breast feeding info.}

17 Apr


As any nursing mama knows, damaged nipples are no fun.  Trying to heal while continuing to breast feed is a challenge and lanolin is one of the tried-and-true remedies for cracked nipples.  But which lanolin to choose?  There are big differences between the two most popular brands – Medela and Lansinoh.  One is not better than the other: It’s a matter of personal preference and your current needs.  Here’s the lowdown.

Medela lanolin is thinner and easier to spread, similar to vaseline.  This can be particularly advantageous for those with seriously cracked nipples because any amount of touching can be extremely painful.  Easier to apply = less pressure.  You’ll need to reapply Medela several times a day: Since it’s a thinner formula it doesn’t stay on through each feeding/ pumping session.  Some people notice an unpleasant smell from Medela’s lanolin, which you may or may not be offended by.  I have never been too bothered by the scent, but we all have different preferences so know that you aren’t alone if you can’t stand the smell.

Lansinoh lanolin is much thicker.  While it’s a little more of a challenge to spread, it feels like a waterproof barrier and stays on for most of the day.  It feels more therapeutic than Medela’s lanolin so it’s great for when you need serious moisture that will last.  Although it’s a thicker formula, the tube never seems to last as long as the other lanolin brands, but that might be because I tend to use it more often.  One downside is that is it can be difficult to wash off, even in the shower, because it is so thick and a bit sticky.

Do you have a favorite brand of lanolin?  I know there are others out there.

Wishing all you nursing mamas healthy nipples!

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