All About Sugar! {nutrition tips}

28 Mar

nutrition and sugarThere’s so many good nuggets to talk about when it comes to nutrition!  Today I want to finish off our first mini-lesson on shopping with a bit more on fiber and sugar and that glorious relationship.  So, here it is: fiber grams in WHATEVER product you are purchasing, should outweigh sugar grams.  F>S.  As simple as that.  And here’s a little more on sugar: brace yourselves my little chocolate snowbunnies, sugar ’tis the devil.  If that doesn’t scare you off, then how about “disease generator.”  Does that do the trick? 

Sugar is implicated in type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, and depression, and plays a crucial role in the growth of cancerous tumors.  Even cancer cells love sugar. Sugar is a type of drug that produces a chemical reaction in your body which fires off insane messages to your brain pushing your hand to eat more and more of the same.  Ironically, “unprocessed sugar” is the least devilish type of sugar. Agave syrup and stevia (calorie-free, made by nature) are even better versions of sugar.  The worst culprit?  High Fructose Corn Syrup.  It’s sneaks it’s little rat head into all sorts of unsuspecting foods, including whole wheat bread!  Check your ingredient labels!  Anything ending in the word “-ose” or “saccharides”is the devil by any other name.  Sugar intake should be moderated, reduced, or all together ELIMINATED if you’re a health superstar….stay tuned for more!

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