A Colorful 1st Birthday Party {rainbow party theme}

24 Mar

For my daughter’s 1st birthday I decided that a rainbow theme would be perfect – classic, simple and colorful.  But this theme would also be great for any spring or summer-themed kids party.  To get started, I gathered inspiration pictures from the web, including one of my favorite sites for party ideas, Sara’s Party Perfect.  I decided to keep it simple, focusing on a few key “rainbow” features: a giant rainbow balloon garland; rainbow layer cake; rainbow fruit plate, rainbow fruit kabobs and rainbow veggie trays.

The rainbow garland was by far the most time-intensive project, mostly because I made my poor husband and father blow them up with their own hot air.  (A compressor or balloon pump would have been a good idea.)  I followed the excellent step-by-step tutorial I found over at Design Mom, and used Command Strip hooks to hang the garland in the shape of a rainbow.

Though not pictured, I also picked up these great giant balloons (they were a huge hit with the kids) and rainbow polka dot plates and cups at My Little Love.

I delegated the task of the Rainbow Cake to a local baker, but if you’re handy with that sort of thing you could try this recipe featured on Martha Stewart’s website.  When we picked up our cake we were a bit disappointed that it was literally falling apart at the seams so I added the M&Ms in a rainbow pattern to hide the gaps.

Little birthday hands always need their own private cake . . .

The fruit and veggie trays and rainbow kabob drink garnishes are self-explanatory

I would have loved to have found some colorful cauliflower for this tray

Most importantly, don’t miss out on the after-party-photo-shoot with all those great balloons!  I let my girl go wild with them and my brother took some great pictures for her thank you cards.


One Response to “A Colorful 1st Birthday Party {rainbow party theme}”

  1. hiphostess March 26, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    Seriously beautiful party for your little one! I love the rainbow theme and may have to steal that one for a future bday party. The balloon arch looks amazing.

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