Spice Up Baby’s Food {baby food ideas}

1 Mar

herbs in vasesBaby food doesn’t need to be bland.  In fact, your baby might prefer flavorful spices and herbs if you ate them while pregnant: Studies show that some flavors, like garlic, can be found in amniotic fluid so your baby’s palate started to experience flavor well before birth.

Try any of the following combinations – you may be surprised by the new flavors your baby likes.  Even if she doesn’t like them on the first try, keep experimenting because her taste may change as she gets used to new foods.

Flavor combinations to try:
•cinnamon and oatmeal
•cumin and coriander with chicken
•black pepper and thyme with turkey
•balsamic vinegar and roasted shallots with butternut squash
•pumpkin pie spice (a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves) with mashed pumpkin or squash
•roasted garlic with mashed white beans
•chives with mashed potatoes
•dill with eggs or salmon

As with any new food, introduce herbs and spices with caution – one at a time and wait 3 days to see if your baby has any adverse reaction.  Also, go light on the spices – just a pinch will be sufficient.

*Don’t add any salt to baby’s food before a year – their kidneys aren’t mature enough to handle sodium.

Note:  Please note that I am not a doctor. This information is meant purely for inspirational purposes and is not meant to replace the advice given to you by your pediatrician.  You should check with your doctor before introducing any herbs and spices to your baby’s diet.

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