Babycakes: Pancakes for Baby {recipe}

25 Jan

Pancakes for Baby

Finding finger foods that don’t make a gigantic mess for beginners is a challenge. So when I was making a weekend family pancake breakfast, I decided to make a short stack for my little lady. I used a gluten-free pancake mix and instead of adding the suggested mix-ins (egg, oil, etc.), I just mixed it with enough water to make a thick but pourable batter. I divided the batter in two and added frozen wild blueberries (which are smaller than their cultivated counterparts) to half of the batter and chopped banana to the other half.  Then I cooked the pancakes in a nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray, making them the size of a silver dollar.  I let them cool slightly before handing them over to the little miss for a taste test. The mini pancakes were the perfect size for her to hold and nibble small bites from. She especially loved that she was eating what looked like the same breakfast as the rest of the family  The leftover pancakes will keep in the fridge for 3 days, and are great for a quick weekday breakfast or snack.


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